Visitor visa( TRV& eTA)

Temporary Residence Visas ( TRV)
2.eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)
All individuals except Canadian citizen and Permanent Resident, require permission to enter Canada as a visitor and require either a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization), unless they are US Citizens. An eTA is only for those foreign nationals who are coming from Visa Exempt Counties. All other foreign nationals require TRV (Temporary Residence Visa).
You need a TRV or an eTA if you fall under following:
• All type of Tourists (on vacation, attending workshops, seminars and conferences, family visit, medical or emergency)
• Temporary foreign workers on work permits
• International students on study permits
• Business Visitors having no intention to enter Labor market
Three types of Temporary Resident Visas are possible:
• Single Entry: Allowing the foreign national only one single entry into Canada;
• Multiple Entry: Allows the foreign national multiple entries into Canada before the expiry of Visa and
• Transit Visa: All foreigners who stop in Canada for less that forty-eight (48) hours and are not from visa exempt countries.
All foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries, traveling to Canada by air usually apply and get electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) online, before flying to Canada. Online confirmation is usually received in 24 hours.
US Citizens do not require a TRV or an eTA, but Green Card holders in the United States, require an eTA to come to Canada, regardless of their nationality.